How to Prepare for a Test


By Esther Juarez

          Even though scoring high on tests is crucial for most people, it could be one of the most stressful things as well. It requires extensive preparation long before the test date. Extensive preparation does not only cover studying. It also covers preparing through other things. Preparing for a test is much easier if you keep in mind a few simple tips. The “how” includes some general guidelines that can help you ease through the preparation. Most of these tips are on how to psyche yourself up for the test by doing some simple mental and practical preparations. Testing is a part of education progress. You will need to take and pass tests in order to advance to the next level. Trying to do well on all of them will give you the opportunity you need to find your best method of assessment and involve yourself in what you are working on.

          First, one thing you need to be aware of is mental preparation. Things like motivating yourself, keeping in mind how to create, and maintaining interest in the preparation for the test are essential. Following, your ability to recall important information is crucial to succeeding on a test. Even prior to beginning the study process it is important to sharpen up your memory, and this can be done by quizzing yourself on the subject you are going to be tested on. Preparing yourself mentally by reviewing regularly your notes, and skimming the pages you have seen during class time. Reviewing material once a week since the subject started is very useful because that can help you how to be well prepared even for those surprising tests. Studying for a very good period before the test is good because when you cram, you torture your mind by forcing it to process large quantities of information for a very short period of time. Prepare yourself mentally, so you don’t have to postpone study time. Decide how soon you can start studying. Preparing for an exam begins with a conscious decision to start studying.

          Second,  you will need to gather your materials and find a place where you can feel comfortable and able to study. There are places that are not helpful while trying to focus, locate a place that has the least amount of distraction. Next, balance the hours on which you are going to study and then, schedule your time between the hours you are completely free from school work, personal time, and social activities, and make sure you do not feel any pressure or overwhelmed by other responsibilities. After making some notes about what you think is important information for the test, such as hook words, and keywords, those are very useful materials, that attract your attention and increase your ability to memorize.  Put the information in “your own words”. Make study time something fun and relaxing by identifying the information and then making sure you understand everything. Do not try to memorize something that you do not understand. Another method could be explaining to yourself the information you are capturing step by step, or to another person that you might be working with. Try to remember the information you have been studying while you are going to the office or school. Studying means learning, understanding, memorizing, and applying.

          Third, the day before the test, get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam. View the exam as an opportunity to show how much you have studied and to receive a reward for the studying you have done. Avoid speaking with any student who is not prepared, expresses negativity, or will distract your preparation. Take a small snack, or some other nourishment in order to mind off your anxiety. You will be able to respond to every answer if you take the time to do it. If you feel confused, just skip that question and only go back at the end of the test. Do not spend too much time trying to answer difficult questions.

         In conclusion, preparing for a test does not entirely and solely depend on studying. It involves taking some mental and practical tips into action. Psyching up yourself for the test by doing mental preparations can help you use your mind more efficiently. Practically, studying can be a breeze by creating a schedule for yourself, budgeting your time wisely, and exhausting all possible materials for study. The most important thing to remember, you are the only one in control!


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